Time flies

Exactly 7 years ago since yesterday, I had joined my first job, an IT giant Infosys , as a Software Engineer. I was 2 months shy of 22 then.

Totally mesmerised by the huge campus and the lush greenery around, me and my friends from college found ourselves at a loss of words. ¬†The training centre made me feel like I was in Hogwarts ūüėÄ

We were assigned hostels that looked no less than 3 star hotels. The bathroom was a two compartment one, separated by a glass door and the floor was adorned by towels. There was a french window that opened into a terrifically green garden. The campus swimming pool was surrounded by poolside chairs and the gym complex also had a bowling arena.

swimming pool

There was a huge rotunda of a building, which was the auditorium and doubled up as a cinema hall for us, which was of course, free !!!


Had Instagram been around then, my followers’ feed would have been flooded. ūüėÄ

The staff cleaned our room everyday, filled the tea and milk sachets.

Male and female employees stayed in the same campus. We had our training during the day, from 8 A.M to 4 P.M. The course was known for being hectic, and exams followed every other week. That didn’t stop us from having fun; we roamed the streets inside the campus till late nights, ate and drank at the few food courts that were open till late nights, went for runs in the running arena, had bike races, etc etc.




It was a different world altogether, a township within boundaries, full of dreams, old and new friendships made and broken, heart breaks, and of course the exams.

Infosys mysore training was a second college for us, where we were paid to study and use their world class facilities. We finally left this safe and secure abode after 6 months and placed ourselves in the actual corporate world.

Its been 7 years since then, 7 years of working in various projects, with various managers, team members of all kinds, the journey continues and parts of the journey fades away from my memory, but the memories of the beginning remain intact, now and I hope, forever!’

P.S: All the photos are downloaded from google.



To opine or not

I was at home the other day and me and my sisters wanted to order dinner. The youngest one, Poppy asked us if we want Chinese , Indian or Italian. Ponkhi was all for Indian while Poppy was trying to direct us towards Chinese. I said I’m fine with anything and it really doesn’t matter.
This irked Poppy and she reprimanded me, asking how can I not know what I want to eat, as this is the most basic instinct one has, especially a foodie like me. Being a philosophical one, she further told me that either I’m not caring enough to look into my own wish , or I’m being a pushover . Continue reading “To opine or not”



I was planning to write for a long time. But I did not start until recently.  I only kept planning , without any trial.

Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever planned something, like going to the gym, finishing that half read book, learning a new language, starting your food blog, etc? And ,did that task, however trivial , ended up taking a lot of time before you actually implemented it?

Continue reading “Attraversiamo”

Breaking the monotony

I have been working for 9 hours a day for 5 days a week for almost the past 7 years.

After 9 or sometimes more hours of slogging at work , when I reach back home, the   household chores embrace me with open arms.

As for the remaining two days of the week, Saturdays are spent cleaning and partying while Sundays are reserved for lazying around. Does this sound similar to you?

If¬†I’m¬†not¬†wrong,¬†most¬†of¬†our¬†lives¬†revolve¬†more¬†or¬†less¬†a¬†similar¬†routine. Continue reading “Breaking the monotony”