To opine or not

I was at home the other day and me and my sisters wanted to order dinner. The youngest one, Poppy asked us if we want Chinese , Indian or Italian. Ponkhi was all for Indian while Poppy was trying to direct us towards Chinese. I said I’m fine with anything and it really doesn’t matter.
This irked Poppy and she reprimanded me, asking how can I not know what I want to eat, as this is the most basic instinct one has, especially a foodie like me. Being a philosophical one, she further told me that either I’m not caring enough to look into my own wish , or I’m being a pushover .

What seemed trivial to me did not seem trivial any more. It dawned on to me that she is actually right.

Doesn’t our lives revolve around how we perceive things that happen to us and how we act on them?
How do we act on something without knowing what we actually want! Our opinions matter a lot on deciding our course of action, don’t they?
But most of us often find ourselves refraining from putting forth our opinions and accepting what comes to us. At times we do not give our own opinions enough credit and follow what is deemed right by other individuals.

I , inspite of being an opinionated person have been in such circumstances and I ended up being unhappy of having to accept someone else’s opinion as my own.

That is when it struck me why we do that. I belive its because human nature seeks acceptance , acceptance from peers, from elders, from the society. Ever since I was old enough to gauge people’s reactions, I have observed how being an opinionated person makes you less likeable, and hence the majority of us give in.

But doesn’t my opinion define who I am. If I have the courage to follow my own opinion, I’ll definitely have the courage to accept the wrong decisions , the mistakes as my own.
Its when I live my life according to others , that my life will no longer be mine, and I will only have myself to blame. Because let’s face it, no one will stand up for me if I don’t stand up for myself.

Valuing our own opinions and judging ourselves, I belive are one of the many secrets to being happy.

Do let me know what you think!!


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