I was planning to write for a long time. But I did not start until recently.  I only kept planning , without any trial.

Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever planned something, like going to the gym, finishing that half read book, learning a new language, starting your food blog, etc? And ,did that task, however trivial , ended up taking a lot of time before you actually implemented it?

So what is it really that comes between our plan and its execution? Laziness, Procrastination, Fear, Lack of motivation , Lack of time, or something else that I missed?

I identified mine. It was fear, fear of my writing sounding pale and boring, fear of having nothing substantial to write. So did I overcome it? The answer is no, not yet. Then I remembered what Elizabeth Gilbert did in the book, ‘Eat Pray Love’ and I just decided to cross over , or ‘Attraversiamo’ as the Italians say it. I started putting my thoughts into paper, which gave me an immense satisfaction of starting something beautiful and completely new.

So lets cross over. Lets identify our reason of what is pulling us back, and let’s face it and lets strive to get ahead of it, lets Attraversiamo.

How? You figure it. If its important enough for you, you will figure out a way. You are strong, you are independent. You are confident. Go nail it.


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