Hi! Thank you for visiting my blog. I am from India, settled in Guwahati, the gateway to the north eastern part of the country.

I work in the software domain, and as we know, it comes with its own fair share of toiling and an impending frustration. Positivity and letting go saves me a lot of my energy and my tears in such situations ! I am fiercely independent. Slightest bit of oppression turns me into Lady Hulk 😉

Human behaviour amuses me , and I find myself trying to understand the other person’s perspectives everytime I have a disagreement. I am a voracious reader. I love to visit new places, but I can’t really call myself a traveller by having just two vacations a year, can I ? 😉

I’m a very social person, who loves to get out of the house, arrange meet ups with friends and arrange events in office.

Like every other working woman, who is juggling home and office and innumerable other tensions, my mind is constantly working and has its own musings. I intend this blog to be a place to share the insignificant musings of this restless mind.

I sincerely hope you like what you read here.

Lots of love,