Naga Style Chicken Stew

Naga Style Chicken Stew

Nagaland is one of the eight states of north eastern India, There are many tribes in Nagaland, and the people are generally referred to as ‘Naga’.

The Naga have a wide variety of cooking techniques. Fish and meat are typically included in a traditional Naga meal in smoked, boiled or fermented form.

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Buttery Delights

It was a lazy Sunday yesterday. I spent it watching short movies with my husband and reading a book. If you know me, you will know that I cannot spend my entire day indoors. So before the sun set, I went out on my two wheeler. The evening air was a respite from the hot weather. I stopped at a nearby grocery store and got a bottle of my favourite vanilla essence, just for the sake of buying something.

I started craving for something baked when I reached home and as I had nothing better to do , I  made these buttery delights:


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The nostalgic masor tenga(Sour Fish Curry)

If you ask me which part of the Assamese cuisine do I love the most, my answer will be the usage of spices. Our dishes use the least amount of spices required. Today I bring to you the Assamese masor tenga, or fish cooked in a sour tomato gravy.                                      Fish is almost a staple in every Assamese home , the most common dish being masor tenga.

To prepare this very simple dish for 2, following are the ingredients:

  1. Fish fillets – 4
  2. Tomatoes – 2 medium sized
  3. Potato – 1 medium sized
  4. Few spinach leaves(optional)
  5. Coriander leaves
  6. Salt
  7. Sugar
  8. Turmeric powder
  9. Mustard Oil
  10. Paanchphoron

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The heavenly abode

The heavenly abode

Can a place have an enduring effect on a person? I believe it is a big yes.

Let me introduce to such a place which has the potential to have a lasting impact on anybody.


So it was one of those weeks which are too harsh on you. I was going through an emotional turmoil , was being bore down by all the work pressure. I was brooding over my professional shortcomings, was thinking of why the long due promotion has still not come my way, why a particular client is relentlessly after my life!                                             I needed a break, my mind knew this. But it was a month end and my pocket gently reminded me that:D

Trying to find a truce between my pocket and mind, I took a one day trip to the Laitlum Canyons.

By driving for a few hours from Guwahati, you reach Shilllong, from where it is another 45 minutes- 1 hour drive towards Smit and the village , Laitlum .

On reaching this place, you will be welcomed with a cool, pleasing gust of wind. The wind will brush against your face, blow through your hair and you would only want to soak as much air as possible before you head back towards the concrete jungle and the busy, fast lives. Beautiful is a small word for the sight that will unfold in front of your eyes . There are huge canyons everywhere you see. Vast mountains stretching below and beyond, the sun rays reflecting off tin roofs of small houses perched in the mountains far ,far below, a stream flowing at the bottom that looks tiny from this height. I wish I was a poet who could do justice to the beauty of the place with her words.

Coming back to the context, when I reached the canyons and took the place atop the mountains that we usually take, I drifted away from my companions and I sat on a rock. I closed my eyes, feeling the breeze caressing my face, and I had a silent conversation with myself.  I promised myself that I will give as much attention to my professional issues as i give to any other daily task of mine. Problems grow with brooding. I promised myself that I will be committed to being as happy as possible. I will not wait for my promotion to be happy. Life is here, life is now, this is the time of my life, and I must live in this moment.

I came back a lot more positive, a lot more happier. And i officially termed the Laitlum Canyons as my destressing location.

Do plan to visit! I’ll be happy to help!

P.S . The photos are clicked by my very talented and dear friend, Nitol Dutta






I was planning to write for a long time. But I did not start until recently.  I only kept planning , without any trial.

Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever planned something, like going to the gym, finishing that half read book, learning a new language, starting your food blog, etc? And ,did that task, however trivial , ended up taking a lot of time before you actually implemented it?

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Breaking the monotony

I have been working for 9 hours a day for 5 days a week for almost the past 7 years.

After 9 or sometimes more hours of slogging at work , when I reach back home, the   household chores embrace me with open arms.

As for the remaining two days of the week, Saturdays are spent cleaning and partying while Sundays are reserved for lazying around. Does this sound similar to you?

If I’m not wrong, most of our lives revolve more or less a similar routine. Continue reading “Breaking the monotony”