Buttery Delights

It was a lazy Sunday yesterday. I spent it watching short movies with my husband and reading a book. If you know me, you will know that I cannot spend my entire day indoors. So before the sun set, I went out on my two wheeler. The evening air was a respite from the hot weather. I stopped at a nearby grocery store and got a bottle of my favourite vanilla essence, just for the sake of buying something.

I started craving for something baked when I reached home and as I had nothing better to do , I  made these buttery delights:


Please pardon my bad photography!

These biscuits are highly sought after by the entire family (mine as well as his) ! So I would like to share the recipe with you all .

Ingredients (makes around 25-28 biscuits):

  1. 150 gms all purpose flour (maida)
  2. 40 gms sugar, powdered
  3. 100 gms butter, softened, not melted.
  4. Few cashew nuts (crushed) and raisins
  5. Cardamom (elaichi) seeds
  6. Vanilla Essence


  1. Mix the butter and sugar together till the mixture looks creamy.
  2. Add 2 teaspoons vanilla extract, the cardamom seeds , raisins and the cashew nuts and mix well.
  3. Now add the flour into the mixture part by part, in three parts.
  4. Gently bring the mixture together with your hands, do not knead the mixture. It should look like breadcrumbs, like this:


5. After mixing for some time, shape the dough into a log and wrap it in paper/aluminium foil/cling film and keep it in the fridge for 1 hour.


6. After an hour, cut the log into small slices and line in a baking tray sprayed with refined oil


  1. Bake in a pre heated oven at 180 degrees Celsius for 13-15 minutes, till the bottom of the cookies become brown.
  2. Let them cool for around 5-10 minutes. The cookies will then become hard and crisp and so delectable!

This recipe is adopted from :


I hope you try these out! Let me know if you liked it, or if you have any questions!


4 thoughts on “Buttery Delights

  1. Remind me to tell you something regarding this post that caught my eye.. Anyways cookies look delicious (though I didn’t go through the recipe coz I know next time when I will go to ghy u will make a batch for me and I won’t have to sweat about it) . Keep cooking and keep blogging! Xoxo

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